Zhang, Chenli

Present profesional position

Associate professor

Position/Status in the CEIGRAM

Visiting scholar

Research areas

Development economics, international economics


M.S. in International Economics, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (June,2006),Honored Nanyue (Guangdong province) Excellent Postgraduate Student.

B.S. in Engineering Geology, East China Institute of Geology (June,1993)


Publications (research papers, books, conferences)


Zhang, C. ( 2012), Agricultural products futures and production, Jindun Press, Beijing.

Zhang, C. ( 2015), ¨ Management of wheat production for farmers ¨ ,Chapter 8th  in: Scale Production of Winter Wheat in North  China, edited by Yanming Li et al., China Agricultural Press. Beijing, China.



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2011 international conference on Management innovation, Information Technology and Economic Growth(2011 MIITEG),Wuhan, China.

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Questionnaires of Rural Households in Hebei Province’,Science and Technology Management Research, 12.

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Modernization, 06.

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Zhang, C. (2005), ‘State Interest Conflicts vs. Antidumping Policy’, International Economics and Trade Research, 21 (6).


Participation in research projects

The Study on the Impact of Financial Crisis on the Employment in Hebei Province, Granted by Association for Social Science Research in Hebei Province  (Issue No: 200903047). 

The Study on agricultural products exportation in Hebei Province, Granted by Agricultural University of Hebei (Issue No.: Fs20091201).