CEIGRAM turns 10 years old. On the occasion of this milestone, CEIGRAM’s chairman, José María Sumpsi, has made a review of the center’s acomplishments through this decade in which it has settled as a national and international benchmark in the agriculture science and technology application in risk management.

After the recent incorporation of AGROSEGURO, whose accession agreement signing was made public at the celebration 10th anniversary celebration event. ENESA and UPM remain as the other members of the mixed center.

The goals for which CEIGRAM was originated, and for which it is still governed today, are the base line of the center’s performance. This is something that Sumpsi wants to emphasize. Some of these goals are:

  1. Creating a scientific core of knowledge for research, development and evaluation of risk management instruments and policies.
  2. Spreading the Spanish experience in relation to risk management and agricultural insurance at the international level.
  3. Creating a space to exchange and share the results of studies with the public sector and private actors.
  4. Promoting a specialized training in risk analysis and other related research areas.

In the review of these 10 years, the chairman highlights the growing internationalization of funding sources for the realization of research projects. This funds amount the 60% of research funding. CEIGRAM has obtained a profit that has achieved historical highs since the creation of the mixed center, reaching in 2017 €8 for each euro received for operating expenses.

In which training concerns, CEIGRAM also stands out for its own support program for young researchers, promoting the formulation of projects aimed at managing of agricultural and environmental risks. These projects have been done as Final Degree Projects or Master and Doctoral Theses. CEIGRAM has dedicated an 8% of its budget for this, giving aid for a total of 153,300 euros in these ten years and benefiting students and young researchers from 14 different Spanish universities. In all these years, the center has also participated actively in training with the organization of courses and seminars on risk management and insurance, environmental impacts, statistical tools and programming.

Finally, Sumpsi emphasizes the important role of the center in the field of research, developing projects and scientific publications related to the climate, sustainable use of resources, insurance and agricultural risks and food security fields.

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