Madrid, 20/06/2019 – The UPM hosts for the second time the European summer school Climate-KIC Journey. This initiative, which takes place in parallel in 20 European cities during the months of July and August, aims to promote the development of innovative entrepreneurship initiatives and projects in the field of climate change. 40 international students will meet in Madrid to improve their knowledge about the challenges that must be faced in terms of climate change, interacting at all times with researchers and experts in different areas of knowledge.

More and better entrepreneurship in climate change

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, through its research and innovation centres Ceigram and itdUPM, organizes the second edition of the Climate-KIC Journey summer school in Madrid: the Quixote Journey. Climate-KIC Journey is part of the largest European network on innovation in climate change – EIT Climate-KIC – and aims to promote the development of viable ventures that accelerate the processes of adaptation and mitigation of climate change. Students will stay in Madrid between June 30 and July 12, when they will travel to Valencia to continue their training. On July 22, they will travel to Hamburg to join students of three other journeys held in other European cities and present their ideas to the Climate-KIC community. Later their proposals will be evaluated by experts from EIT Climate-KIC.

Entrepreneurship in climate change is a business area in full expansion. The awareness of the state of the environment and the great social and economic impacts linked to climate change is promoting the emergence of new approaches in the private sector. The global average temperature has already increased 1ºC above the pre-industrial levels, and it is expected that the negative impacts of climate change will be much lower if we slow down the warming by 1.5ºC.

Living in times of environmental crisis can serve as a stimulus for the emergence of new ideas that facilitate the transition to socioeconomic models with less impact on the climate. The new generations have not guaranteed access to a stable climate or to coexist with some of the most emblematic landscapes and ecosystems, endangered by climate and environmental deterioration. Beyond the issue of social justice, more and more companies, investors and entrepreneurs are aware of the economic and professional advantages of betting on business options compatible with a healthy environment and a stable climate.

Support for young entrepreneurs

In the second year of the Journey in Madrid, issues such as the sustainability science, the chain of impacts caused by different productive sectors on climate change, innovation systems and food sustainability, will be addressed in greater depth with the support of experts in the different fields. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about how a climate observation is conducted and they will know spaces dedicated to undertaking innovative solutions on climate change. This year, in addition, the Journey adopts a different format from the previous year, being more participatory and focused on the knowledge of the context we live today in our planet, emphasizing the challenges that demand an immediate response and the innovative solutions that are already being carried out. The summer school in Madrid is one of 20 schools that will take place in different European cities, bringing together a total of approximately 360 students from all over the world.

After two weeks of intensive work in Madrid, the 40 students hosted by the UPM will travel to Valencia, where they will continue with the program working on the development of ideas proposed by them. After 10 days of work in Valencia, they will travel to Hamburg, where they will meet other students to present their ideas to the Climate-KIC community.

In Hamburg, participants will meet with three other Journey groups from other European universities, and for the first time a joint final event will be held with the entire Climate-KIC community: EIT Climate-KIC Journey Community Summit. This event will bring together in the same space universities, research centres, companies, public administrations and leading organizations in the field of innovation and climate change. The objective is to generate a networking space between these and the participants of the different Journeys.

After passing through the summer school, they will have access to Climate-KIC’s entrepreneurship support network and the Business Acceleration Program, in order to maximize new projects’ chances to succeed.

About EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC is the EU’s largest public-private partnership addressing climate change through innovation, and has the goal of promoting a zero-carbon economy.  This partnership addresses climate change across four priority themes: urban areas, land use, production systems, climate metrics and finance. Education is at the heart of these themes, with the aim of inspiring and empowering the next generation of climate leaders.

EIT Climate-KIC is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

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