We are pleased to announce the upcoming meeting designed as a bridge between nitrogen (N) indicators, modeling, Regional Demos and implementation barriers to be held in Madrid (Spain) from the 18th to 22th 2019 November 2019. This workshop is part of the execution of the global project (International Nitrogen Management System, INMS).

These five days will include technical sessions with expert panels and discussions, focusing on nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) as a key agro-environmental indicator for agro-food systems at different scales (from plot to global). Also, a common tool to generically represent the N dynamics in the agro-food systems of each Demo Region will be discussed among representatives of worldwide INMS Demo Regions. International specialists, researchers, and other stakeholders from different countries will attend and discuss on the following key topics on NUE:

– Ways to estimate NUE

– Representing NUE in an input/output chart

– NUE of non-protein crops

– NUE of livestock systems

– NUE of European agricultural systems at the farm level

– NUE at the country level

– NUE in global approaches

– NUE of the full chain

– NUE challenges for different world regions

– PUE vs NUE

This meeting will promote the knowledge and harmonized use of common N indicators (e.g. NUE, N surplus, GRAFS/CHANS, Ymax) at each INMS demonstration sites and as a base for diagnosis and scenarios co-design considering potential barriers and opportunities for their implementation. Additionally, these methods and outcomes will be also discussed within the modelling component of INMS.

As a result of this meeting, a guidance document on nitrogen use efficiency estimations and limitations at farm, country and general ways will be established as well as harmonized approaches among INMS components.

For further information, please contact with the local organizing committee:

Maritza Satama (maritza.satama.bermeo@alumnos.upm.es)

Luis Lassaletta (luis.lassaletta@upm.es)

Alberto Sanz-Cobena (a.sanz@upm.es)

Access to the event is by invitation only.

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