Alonso, María

Mobile phone:   +34 699763171
Skype: mariaalonsoayuso


Present profesional position
PhD student

Position/Status in the CEIGRAM
PhD student

Research areas
Cover crops; water and Nitrogen management; weed control; fertilizers.

Agricultural engineer. Technical University of Madrid– 2013

 Publications (research papers, books, conferences)
Ramirez-Garcia J, Carrillo JM, Ruiz M, Alonso-Ayuso M, Quemada M (2015) Multicriteria decision analysis applied to cover crop species and cultivars selection. Field Crops Research. 175, p 106-115.

Alonso-Ayuso M, Gabriel JL, Quemada M (2014) The kill date as a management tool for cover cropping success.  PLoS ONE. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone0109587.

Ramirez-Garcia J, Gabriel JL, Alonso-Ayuso M, Quemada M (2014) Quantitative characterization of five cover crop species. The Journal of Agricultural Science. doi:10.1017/S0021859614000811.

Participation in research projects

Member of the research team in the following projects:

  • AGRISOST: Scientific program of excellence. Financed by: CAM (S2009/AGR-1630)
  • Introducción de cultivos cubierta en sistemas de regadío: efecto nitrógeno, balance hídrico y calidad del suelo. Financed by: CICYT (AGL2011-24732).

Member of the work team in research project with enterprise:

  • Efecto de los fertilizantes con inhibidor de la nitrificación en la eficiencia de uso del fertilizante y el rendimiento del maíz. Collaboration agreement between the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Company Eurochem Agro. Financed by EuroChem Agro Iberia, S.L.