García – Germán, Sol

Present professional position

Ph.D. student

Position/Status in the CEIGRAM

Pre-doctoral researcher


Master in Economics Applied to Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Technical University of Madrid

Agricultural Engineer. Technical University of Madrid

Publications (research papers, books, conferences)

Blanco M, García-Germán S, Bardají I (2012). El modelo de ayudas directas en la PAC post-2013: análisis de impactos de escenarios potenciales. Economía Agraria y Recursos Naturales. Vol 11(2): 83-108

García-Germán S, Morales-Opazo C, Garrido A, Demeke M, Bardají I (2013). Literature review of impacts of food price volatility on consumers in developed and developing countries. ULYSSES Working paper (2)

García-Germán S, Bardají I, Garrido A (2014). New pesticides regulation: potential economic impacts of the withdrawal of Pendimethalin in horticultural crops. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research. Vol 12(1): 29-43

García-Germán S, Garrido A, Bardají I (2014). Evaluating Transmission Prices Between Global Agricultural Markets and Consumers’ Food Price Indices in the EU. ULYSSES Scientific paper (7A)

García-Germán S, Bardají I, Garrido A (2015). Analysis of food deprivation in the EU under food prices volatility and rise. ULYSSES Scientific paper (10)

Participation in research projects

ULYSSES: Understanding and coping with food markets voLatilitY towards more Stable World and EU food SystEmS (

Agro-economic impacts of the ban on the use of Pendimethalin