Kucerova, Katerina
Administrative management

Skype: katekucerova


Present professional position
Administrative management
Organization CEIGRAM

Position/Status in the CEIGRAM
Assistant Secretary to the General Manager
Administrative support to the management which includes among others the following tasks:

  • Budget management;
  • Staff recruitmentand processing ofgrants;
  • Support for the preparationof new proposals forresearch projects;
  • Management ofresearch projects accorded;
  • Performing of annual budget reports of research projects;
  • Management oftraveland other expensesunderresearch projects;
  • Organization and management ofcourses, seminars, conferences and other nationaland international events;
  • Performing ofAnnualresearch reports of CEIGRAM and of a number of research groups;
  • Library management. Registration andloans.

Asociación Española de Economía Agraria / Spanish Association of Agricultural Economics  (AEEA)

Technical Secretary of the Editorial Board
Management of the journal Agricultural Economics and Natural Resources. Among others the following tasks:

  • Management ofmanuscripts submitted tothe journal;
  • Management of the biannualpublication;
  • RECYTplatform (Repository SpanishScience andTechnology) maintenance;
  • Social networks maintenance.