Presentation and Objectives

The Research Centre for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks (CEIGRAM) is a Joint Research Centre of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). It was created in 2007 under a public-private collaboration agreement among the State Agency for Agricultural Insurance (ENESA, Autonomous Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, MAPA), AGROSEGURO (management of agricultural insurance in the name and on behalf of insurance companies that are part of the co-insurance pool) and UPM.

ENESA carries out the activities that legislation entrusts to the MAPA, in the field of agricultural insurance. Its activities are focused on the promotion and coordination of the agricultural insurance policy endorsed by the Spanish Government. AGROSEGURO is responsible for the management of agricultural insurance on behalf of and on behalf of the insurance entities that are part of the co-insurance pool. The UPM, Spain’s largest technical university, has a strong commitment to R+D+i. It has 200 research groups and 15 Research Institutes and R+D+i Centres (among which is the CEIGRAM), providing a significant contribution to the international scientific community.

CEIGRAM´s activity focuses on development and innovation, dissemination and training, in the field of analysis and management of agricultural and environmental risks. Thanks to its mission, its study topics and the composition of its staff, the CEIGRAM is integrated as part of the Technical School of Agricultural Engineering of the UPM.

Historically, flooding and long periods of drought, frosts and heat waves, hail and strong winds, along with pests, diseases and animal epidemics, were the most common risks of farming activities (agriculture, livestock and forestry). In recent years, in addition to the risks outlined above, there are those resulting from climate change, the uncertainty generated by markets (energy, raw materials and products derived from agricultural activity) and the increased volatility of agricultural prices. It is therefore necessary to take on new challenges, among these, what in some quarters has been called “risk and crisis management”.

After more than 30 years of operation the current Spanish Agricultural Insurance system has become an effective instrument in managing risks. However, at a time when the post-2013 Common Agricultural Policy is being discussed, there is a clear need to explore the most feasible options for the EU and Spain in order to create a system of guarantees and income safety net for European producers. Agricultural insurance has many advantages, but requires an enormous amount of research, development, data analysis and design of an institutional framework, involving public, private and professional agricultural organizations and agri-food cooperatives.

CEIGRAM addresses these challenges by developing knowledge in the field of management tools for agricultural, livestock and environmental risks, with special emphasis on agricultural insurance. The experience gained by its researchers over recent years, backed by numerous scientific publications, R+D+i projects, academic activities and extension and rural development services, is its main asset.

CEIGRAM aspires to be a world-renowned R+D+i centre, specialized in the risks that threaten agriculture, livestock and the environment, and therefore it has been entrusted with the following objectives:

• To establish a stable core of scientific knowledge for the study and analysis of risks and for research, development and evaluation of tools for managing risks that affect rural communities.
• To quickly respond to the demands of knowledge and analysis required by the partners of CEIGRAM.
• To promote knowledge development and the dissemination of the Spanish experience in the international arena, focusing mainly on the agricultural insurance models.
• To promote specialist training in risk analysis and research, development and evaluation of policies and instruments to manage them.
• To transfer and share information and results of their work with other public or private institutions.
• To organise specialization and advanced courses, seminars, conferences and other activities of a similar nature, in the areas of its research activity, and collaborate in the organization and delivery of postgraduate courses, subject to the provisions of Royal Decree 1393/2007 and other current legislation, including UPM regulations.

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